The Sewrella Method


After more than a year of focus on my full time hand dyed yarn business, Sewrella Yarn without time to keep the course updated - we've decided to close the Sewrella Method to new students. We will keep the website and course content live for existing students. Thank you!


Teaching you how I started and maintain a thriving craft blog - no secrets, just actionable steps.

The Sewrella Method is the experience-based roadmap I didn't have when I started craft blogging. I've spent over 4 years blogging about yarn things, and in that time I've built a six figure business.

Now I'm sharing everything I know - the triumphs that I believe are possible for anyone willing to put in the hard work & the mistakes I made (that you shouldn't).

I'm not going to change your life with this course - but I will show you every little detail of my journey, what's worked and what's ultimately led me to success.

The course includes lifetime access to The Neighborhood - a students-only club full of data, collaborative discussion, and friends helping friends through this blogging thing. Discuss course content, share insights, use this space to bounce ideas off of one another, gain support, and be kind to one another. That's what The Neighborhood is all about!

Course Content:

0.1 Hey there, friend!
0.2 Meet the teacher
0.3 The Sewrella Method Mission

Lesson 1: Design
1.1 Finding your personal style
1.2 Creating VALUABLE Content
1.3 Anatomy of a Pattern
1.4 Pattern Writing Math + Techniques

Lesson 2: The Setup
2.1 Free patterns: a blog post structural template
2.2 Choosing a powerful name
2.3 Why wordpress?
2.4 Hosting
2.5 Get it right the first time: Impressions
2.6 Web design / templates
2.7 The sidebar bio everyone talks about
2.8 Content decisions: The "hell yes" method
2.9 Gaining long term traffic with SEO

Lesson 3: Photography
3.1 The power of a great photo
3.2 Flatlays & work-in-progress photography
3.3 Backdrop photography
3.4 Lifestyle photography: real life elevated
3.5 Editing + presets (coming June 2020)

Lesson 4: Revenue Streams
4.1 Intro to making money blogging
4.2 Advertising
4.3 Downloadable digital content
4.4 Affiliate income
4.5 Sponsorship
4.6 Products of my own

Lesson 5: Social Media
5.1 Traffic driver v. distraction; a cautionary tale
5.2 Youtube
5.3 Instagram
5.4.1 Dear Pinterest, I love you: Part 1 - Setting up for success
5.4.2 Dear Pinterest, I love you: Part 2 - Strategy


All course content as well as access to our students-only forum (The Neighborhood) becomes available immediately upon purchase completion. All content will be updated/added to over time - your lifetime access will update automatically at no extra charge.

Confirmation email will include instructions to access course content. You must be logged into the customer account you used to checkout to access course content and the Neighborhood.

Ain't got no time for guesswork

I'm sharing everything I've done... right and wrong so you don't have to figure it out alone.

Numbers, baby!

Data based research presented in plain english. Not complicated, just correct.

The Neighborhood

Our community forum for Method students only - peek at my monthly stats & build a community of helpful peers.