Hey there! I'm Ashleigh Kiser and I am the creator of the blog Sewrella (as well as a couple of other businesses over the years). I've built this blog to become a six-figure income in just a few short years and now I'm sharing everything I've learned in The Sewrella Method.

When I started my blog I was pregnant with my son, on early maternity leave, and flat broke. I loved to crochet and I was making things for my son so I figured, why not start a blog and share my creations? I figured it would never turn into more than an online diary but I hoped it would pay the grocery bill.

Boy, was I in for a WILD ride.

Since then I've published over 250 blog posts, sold tens of thousands of PDF crochet and knitting patterns, and built my collective following to about half a million people. It's taken a ton of hard work, learning some difficult lessons, and more dedication than I knew was possible.

I believe that if I, a normal mom from Florida, can build a little website about yarn into a multi-faceted, robust, thriving business stretching & growing in every direction - anyone can.