5.4 Dear Pinterest, I Love You

Dearest Pinterest, where do I begin?

If it weren't for this particular social media, I truly don't think I would have a business right now. There are lots of bloggers who have built businesses without this website and even some that still don't utilize it to its full potential.

Since day one of Sewrella, Pinterest has been the number one traffic driver to my website. Day in and day out, nothing compares to the amount of traffic this site sends to my blog.

Now, settle in. Grab a cuppa tea. Because truly this chapter could be its own course. It's long, it's meaty, and I hope it helps ya.

Pinterest is a search engine first, and a social media platform second.

It's important to note right up top that unlike other social media platforms, the newsfeed or queue from accounts one follows is not the most important part of Pinterest. (In fact, many Pinterest experts believe followers really don't count for much on Pinterest!)

Statistically, most Pinterest users use the website to search for something specific, even if they wind up browsing that topic. They may not know which crochet stitch they're looking for, but they don't browse their newsfeed to find one. They type in the search bar "crochet stitches."

This information is super useful to keep in mind through every step of setting up a Pinterest account and creating content for Pinterest. Think about what will place your account in the good graces of the search engine goddesses when crafting descriptions and titles.

The basics of creating a click-worthy Pin

I'll walk you through how I build my pins, what I include and what I leave out, as well as how to effectively post them to Pinterest. First, however, I want to reiterate that my success on Pinterest boils down to one thing: quality content.

I probably sound like a broken record by now, but truly this is what makes or breaks everything. You could have the best photo and the most amazing caption on Pinterest but it won't matter if the project you're featuring is half baked.

Trust me, I'm not perfect and I've posted plenty of patterns that consistently don't do well on Pinterest. And if I'm being honest with myself, they aren't my strongest patterns. I knew that without the data from Pinterest so just remember - it's hell yes, or no.


When I have a quality piece of content I'm ready to circulate on Pinterest I make a few Pinterest friendly images. These are graphics that are tailor made for sharing on Pinterest.

I have two routes to choose from in terms of creating these images:

1. Quick/Beginner/Professional

2. Full Creative Control/Advanced

You may find yourself firmly in one camp or the other. I find that I float between them depending on what the content is I'm trying to share or how I want the pin to look. Read through all of the info below and be sure to watch the videos for extra guidance!

Beginner Pinterest images that DON'T look like a beginner made them!


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5.4 Dear Pinterest, I Love You