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I'm only halfway through the course but I'm loving it and learning so much.You give exactly what I was hoping to learn from you. You manage to put words on those intangibles that really make or break a blog and explain clearly what you do, how and especially why which really helps me define what I need to do for myself.

Mary Palmentieri Croyden Crochet

Ashleigh's course has been extremely insightful! I love how honest and personal she is with sharing all her knowledge of running a blog and small business. I especially love the chapter on Revenue Streams where Ashleigh shares all her tips on thriving financially! Thank you so much for this course. I really have been enjoying it, especially the Neighborhood

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Ashleigh's blog was the one that inspired me to start my own. I delved through her archives on how to blog and decided that there may never be a perfect time to start so I should just jump right in! Reading and learning about how she went about her blogging venture has been eye-opening. Even if you are familiar with the content it is always great to learn how others have handled it and compare. The content is approachable, relatable and very well explained (SEO anyone). The course does have something for everyone.

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